Wagyu X Calves

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The fall of 2022 there was about 160 weaned calves in my hay meadows. 80 of them were out of my one and done program. Which means they out of a wide variety of beef cows bred to unknown beef bulls. 20 or 30 were late calves from B's herd which made them mostly out of Angus cows bred to Charolais bulls. The remaining calves were F1 Wagyu crosses from B's commercial heifers. Calves mostly February/March born. Teh one and done calves were weaned in mid August. The Wagyu cross calves were weaned a month later. The beef calves had 75-100 pounds on the Wagyu calves. And those Wagyu calves had been on the cows a month longer. I remember an Angus heifer got sick. After doctoring her I did a closer inspection of the herd. I told B that about half the Wagyu calves looked to need doctoring. His reply was, "it is an acquired taste". None of the Wagyu calves actually got sick but they sure looked like death warmed over.
Are these Wagyu the Black or Red? I think there is a big difference.