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I need some help for formulating a good ration for show feed. My avaliable ingredients are , soy hulls, corn ,oats ,whole cottonseed cottonseed hulls ,and Dry corn gluten.I want to mix up about 1000lbs at the time. need help fast. Thanks in advance

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I have had awesome results with this ration, one part corn, one part oats, one part whole cotton seed, one part barley, one part beet pulp (soaked), add liquid molassass, about one cup per 25 pounds of mixed ration, I used to cook whole corn in a crock pot, and cook whole oats, use dry weight for ration, not wet, mix well, this ration is a starter ration to be fed at 3% of body weight, increase to 2 parts corn for finishing ration.

Good Luck, I raised steers, heifers, bulls and cow calf pairs and this ration, if you want to get wild add calf mana, show bloom or both, or ground flax seed this will put lots of bloom in the hair.

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Hi ya'll! Your "Show Ration" sounds almost identical to the packaged (50# bag) stuff we're feeding as supplement to calves, and nursing cows. It is Hi-Pro Beef Show Ration #287. Paying $5.95 a bag for it locally here in Texas Panhandle. Our Longhorns LOVE IT! Also, add a few 20% range cubes and of course, we feed weed-free leafy alfalfa here--it is cheaper than grass hay around here. Our stock are also on bermuda pasture.

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