Schu-Lar On Target

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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
Anyone use this guy from accelerated? We have so many daughters of R294 I thought it might be time to try someone different.

We've used a son of his that has done really well for a lot of folks in On Target 936 who is in use at Rausch's in South Dakota and AI in quite a few herds across the country now. I know that Knoll Crest Farm in VA has used 22S and has some sons too I believe. Our current herd bull is a 936 son we bred out of a cow we bought from Schu-lar. We only have 2 females sired by 936 that are full sisters from when we were using him AI. The older one had one of our top bull calves last year as a heifer and her full sister calved about a month ago and both have nice looking udders. 936 has added some muscle, the son we kept out of him probably is one of thickest bulls we've raised and pretty happy with the calves we're getting by him so far.

We visited a big Hereford operation in Idaho last summer that has used 22S in the past some and is currently using 936, they told us they like 936 better as they felt 22S sired a little larger frame than they wanted and 936 moderated frame size better. Both those bulls are pretty proven performers at this point, I doubt you'd be disappointed if you used either of them. Not sure what semen on 22S costs but 936 is a reasonable $50 non-certificate sire if you were to use him for registered purebreds.
I'll stick with 22s at 25 bucks a straw. Using him on crossbreds, the R294 daughters are bred to Red Angus bulls.