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Sep 16, 2015
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I have a dairy heifer with an extra large bag. I nee 3 calves on her but don't have the means for this now. She won't let me milk her out. I have tried but she keeps walking side ways back and to. I don't know if I could drive her into the head gate by my self her calf 1-1/2 week old now is not making a lot of head way. What do you suggest? I am afraid she might go into mastiff. I tried to milk this eve and did it a few seconds and she began to side step and turn on me.
Do you have means of getting a halter on her and hobbling her legs? That's what I would do.
If that doesn't work remove the calf from being in the way and try and keep her tied to something like a post until she stops fussing, do that again and again until she lets you touch her and milk her. It may take a while but it's the best thing you could do.
Ok, this eve I fed her and slipped a rope over her head. After the rodeo, I finally got her tied to a post and she liked to have choked her self to death but I did milk some. Maybe about a quart or little less. She kept turning over the bucket so I just milked it out on the ground. I miked all 4 tits. She has a huge bag and I figured it would take a 5 gallon bucket to drain her. I think the calf sucked after I quit. I don't know if i did any good or not.
Do you think I need to keep milking her and for how long? Her calf now 2 weeks old has gained 22 ponds in 14 days. She was born 52 lbs. Now weighs 73 / 74 lbs. Should I try to keep milking?
If the bag always looks full, yeah, I'd keep milking once a day.. Yes, when I'm training them to milk, if they fuss, I find I'm a lot less frustrated if I just milk onto the ground, then they can fidget all they want and I don't have to worry about a bucket.
After a while she ought to figure out you milking her relieves her and she'll settle down and you can start using a bucket... This training will also come in handy if you do get some calves you want to graft on!
How long do you want to milk her is the question? If you did end up getting milk out of her by that method I would do that again. She will eventually get used to it. When are you planning on putting calves on her?
Update on Betsy Sue, I milked her for a week. She seem to have dropped in bag size. Her calf Stormy (remember, born in a tarrintal down pour with lighting and all) is doing fine. Thank GOD for his hand on it because mind could do nothing.

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