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My name is Michelle, and I was wondering if you knew if Baytril had been OK'ed for use in cattle. I had not heard of it being used in food animals but was told of some sick calves that were treated with it, and I could see no improvement in the calves that had been treated. Was wondering if my treating a calf from this group with Nuflor and Banamine would cause any problems having previously been treated with Baytril (no idea what dose was given). Thanks for any info you have and for posting the web site on the CIDR's.


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I'm Canadian, and Baytril has been approved in the US in cattle. I haven't heard that it is approved yet in Canada, but our vet student feels they use it at the OVC in cattle. Thus, yes and no on approval. Does it work? Baytril (enrofloxacin) is an antibiotic which was originally created for humans, but had an odd side effect, so they refined it and created Ciprofloxacin (the Cipro of the anthrax scare). It is very potent against certain organisms, does well with skin, lung, bladder infections etc. Side effects in animals have been permanent cartilage defects in fast growth phase of dogs (between 2-10 months), deafness and blindness in cats at higher than minimum dosages. My friends in the US who have used it felt it was very effective, but giving it daily is a pain. There is an injectable form in Canada for small animals, and it must be given intramuscularly. I do not know the dosage or route in cattle. I would imagine Bayer would have a website on its use in cattle. Too much info? Sorry!
Hi Vicky,

Thank you for good info, I conferred with my vet and She felt it was the wrong treatment for what we were dealing with, I used Nuflorn and banamine and got a good responce, I just had not heard of using Baytril in cattle.

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