Pregnant Heifers

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Apr 12, 2013
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I just 2 heifers sale barn. They ware preg. tested and ware 7 mouths along.
That was 11/2 mouths ago.
They both have started to bag up and the vulva has swollen some.
I know the preg. test is a guess. But one day the bag looks bigger the next it is smaller is this normal for heifers? Thanks for info Jeff
No, it's not normal unless they're being nursed. Even if you don't have any other calves around, I busted a bred heifer sucking on another bred heifer earlier this year. Ewee! Separated them and the one that was sucked calved that night.
OK, they were ESTIMATED to be 7 months bred, and this is 1 1/2 months later - so 8.5 mo. pregnant. Did I read that right? If they are bagging up, I would say that was a good estimate.
I will differ with TCR a little. A heifer may get a really hard looking bag, then it will soften due to stretching. If the bag is flattened, well, your guess is probably most likely correct - a heifer is sucking another one.
Thanks They have been keep alone tell I get them up to date on the vac.
I thought it might be that the bags were just forming. But it is great to have people just to ask.
Thanks again Jeff
One of the heifers just had a calf a nice bull.
She had a little trouble but thanks to all the things I learned here I was able to help her out. And all is great mom and baby are fine.
Thanks Jeff

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