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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
We have spent the past couple of days palpating all of the cows that were either AI'd or used as a recip. Two years ago we flushed the SAV Blackcap May 0524 cow for the first time. We flushed her in January and she calved on 11/9 and flushed her on 1/4 so 56 days after calving.(if I added correctly) We got 4 eggs and all 4 resulted in live calves, that type of conception rate is not the norm but it can happen. We flushed her one more time a couple months later and froze all of the eggs out of that flush. Last year we just put in 4 of the eggs out of the tank three stuck again pretty good conception for frozen eggs. This year we flushed her again and got 9 eggs, we put all 9 in fresh then used 8 of the eggs we had in the tank. Out of 17 eggs all 9 of the fresh stuck and 7 of the 8 frozen stuck 16 calves! I don't know what to think, I just don't think this is the norm. Am I right is this pretty rare? Is the cow just producing exceptional eggs or did we just get extremely lucky?

Well I attribute it to you and the boss, after all "you reap what you sow" Your record keeping and his attention to details is phenomenal. Hopefully the results will be what your looking for.

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