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No need to apologize. I just figure we're all paying for Extension service with our tax $, so might as well use it every chance we get! It really is good info, too.
I sure wouldn't stretch it out to 14' on barbed wire or woven wire. 10' is what I set my post spacing to. The electric "wire" could be quite far apart depending on the gauge and the type (aluminum or steel). I don't use wire for my electric fences anymore but rather use poly line with woven SS wire. It's really light weight so you can place your fence posts out to 75 or 100 feet and still pull the poly pretty tight where it won't sag. Makes it a lot easier on the connectors and insulators as well. JMO
I will space mine about 12' apart maybe even 14' since i am putting up 4 strands of barb wire and 2 hot wires on the inside of post. I think that would be sufficient for my needs. Do you all think thats a good idea?
barbed wire post 5 to 6ft pull/streach post 100 to 150 depending on the terrain
woven wire post 4 to 5ft
high tensile post 20 to 30ft an make sure you put the corners an pull posts in 3.5 or a tad more.because when you pull the high tensile could pull the corner post up.
Post 5 to 6 ft apart .. That seems like overkill to me but guess depends on how many cattle you have I guess.
i talking about steel T post.even using boris d arc post we put them 8 to 10ft apart.

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