Poisoin oak/ivy remedies

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Sep 10, 2017
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way out west
So ive got poisoin oak and its eating me alive. Does anyone have any good home remedies to slow this stuff down? Been using the tecnu stuff but really no improvement so far.
Rubbing alcohol will help dry it out. Or dish soap and salt paste
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Take an oatmeal bath.

That'll help but I'd go consult with your pharmacist. Severe cases might require you see a doctor.

My wife got a terrible case of it a few years ago. She ended up going twice to different clinics for it. She was in misery for a month with it then it flared back up a couple times within the following months. Oatmeal baths did help in the short term along with calamine lotion. One doctor recommended Calmeseptine lotion I believe that's how it's spelled? Those also gave short term relief. They gave here first a series of steroid pills that didn't help then another clinic with the hospital gave her a shot and a stronger dosage of steroids that finally knocked it.
If it goes internal or gets in your bloodstream (what the Dr used to say to my mother for severe cases) then it will require steroids from what I've seen.
Speaking from extensive experience, if you're miserable I'd recommend seeing a physician ASAP who will likely give you a cortisone injection which typically provides significant relief in short order. The last thing you want to do is further compromise/irritate your skin with any concoction of harsh chemicals.
Go to the laundry aisle of your local store nd get bar of fels naptha. Use it towash with several times a day.
It will help dry it up.

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