**Please Look**Prolapsed vagina 8 mo bred heifer

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Hi All,

Baby is doing ok..I am still having a battle to get her to accept the nipple. While doing the battle I just try to get some
in her mouth and she will swallow it, at least I know she is getting a bit of it.
Thanks for all the great info, I did go yesterday and get the real milk replacement. I never even gave her any of the soy
stuff, I wanted to start her out right.
Again thanks to everyone for all the great info you have given me over the last few days.

I managed to get her eating at about 3:30 this afternoon..She was not showing any signs of dehydration, as of yet, however,
I was using a syringe to get milk down her last night so at least she had some fluid, and squirting milk from the bottle in
her mouth as I could. She did not want anything to do with me, UNTIL, I became the source of food!! Now I go in and she
starts talking. Thanks again for all the info.

I appreciate the time you have given me...It has been a long 6 days!!
Now we just have to keep her strong and going..She is obviously already strong to have lasted so far..Knock on wood.

Thanks Again


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