Placing a bull in with horses?

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Jul 1, 2004
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East of Dallas Texas
I have an 8 mo old bull calf I was thinking about placing in a 3 ac pasture long term with a couple of horses (one mare and one gelding). However, the gelding is a cutting horse and likes putting cows where he wants them. Last time I had the bull calf in the 3 ac pasture with the gelding the calf ended up in another pasture by the end of the day. I didn't see what actually happened but I thnk the cutting horse may have put some pressure on the calf some time during the day and the calf finally had had enough and got out of Dodge so to speak. I'm worried that if I keep trying that the calf may turn rank, or seek revenge against the horse in the future. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiances with cohabitating a bull with horses.
Keep them seperated in diifeent lots. If need be, put an electic cross fence.
Agree. Keep bulls in separate area from horses, especially colts and stallions.

Several years ago we put a 1 year old Longhorn bull in a small pasture with about a 6-7 year old TWH stallion. The Stallion chased the bull around and finally ran the bull into a chain link fence in our yard. The yearling bull was scared s------s. Separated them, didn't try that

Can't imagine what a mature bull and a stallion would get into or who would still be alive (or un-injured seriously)....
I can't imagine what in the world would posses a person to put a bull in with a cutting horse in the first place. That is a reck waiting to happen! :stop:
We had a young bull years ago that was in with one of our horses for a couple days. He would go up behind the horse and lift her back legs off the ground and push her like a wheelbarrow! Needless to say we took him out!
Definitely separate them! The horse will hurt the bull eventually.. or as mentioned earlier, run him through a fence.

It's very hard to put cows and horses in the same pasture. I had a really nice quiet QH gelding years ago that chased my calves around once.. it was the last time! I couldn't see leaving him in a pen, so I sold him. The only equine we've successfully had in with cattle was a gelded donkey, and the cows used to love to chase him!
I agree with everyone else. My 2 year old horse 'dehorned' half of one horn on one of my calves. He got bored I guess....since the calves are smaller; he can pick on them and/or chase them quite easliy. (Not anymore!!) I wouldn't dare put my horse in with the renters' cattle--like someone else said; it's a wreck waiting to happen. I don't think anyone wants to repair fences needlessley or have to have the vet some out & 'repair' whatever got hurt in the process!
I run my three quarter horses with my mature cow herd, the cows chase them sometimes and the horses drive them sometimes too, they all get along, the horse being buisy bodies by nature can't calp but want to bother the cows, who being maternal will get after them from time to time, but I dont keep them with the young cows and calved for any period of time as the horse harass the babies, they just help eat the grass the cows don't want to eat and we have more ballanced grazing

I don't ever run them in with the bulls as bull think they make great toys and both can get hurt, my big brahman bull thinks the horses are great fun to chase
We have our horses & cattle in the same field most of the time. They never bother each other but then again we don't have cutting horses. But I do use my faithful Quarter Horse every year to round them up.
Ellie May
Several years ago one of the ranches that do most of their work with horses had a production sale. They had all of the bulls in individual pens up by the front gate, the back edge of the bull pens was a horse pasture. A year before, one of the bulls had taken on one of the horses while they were being worked. Bull knocked the crap out of the horse and rolled him, rider bailed off with no ill affects. When the put the bulls in the pen by the gate, that same horse would wait until the bull was resting just a little too close to the fence. He'ld erach over and bite the bull on whatever he could get ahold of. Darn near plucked the bulls switch bald. Funny to me, not near as funny to the bull.

I run my horses and donkeys with my cattle some parts of the year, just not during calving, ehrn i keep the cows in the pasture up near the house for frequent inspection and so they don't get into trouble out in the Boondocks. Otherwise, they run together with no problems. I would NEVER put them together in a patch as tiny as three acres. That is about the size of my yard. That is asking for trouble. If there is lot's of space, anilmals can maintain their herds and react naturally to each other. My horses and troublemakers sometimes, but that is because they are horses. My bull would never hurt a horse, and my donkey herd does their job and basically wants companionship and occasional long trips to the woods for days. Eventually, everything finds a balance and we have no problems so far. Just give everything space and don't create a situation an animal can't protect itself from.

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