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Jul 13, 2007
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Southern Illinois
Well, we got our pigs today (5th year raising them)...and we have two gilts that are fighting to beat [email protected], we called the breeder and asked if they would "get over it" or did we need to separate them. He said to pour diesel fuel on their noses...it would make them all smell the same to each other and the fighting would stop. Will let you know how it goes. They tore each other up so bad we went ahead and separated them just for the night so they could get some rest. Will douse 'em with diesel in the a.m. and see what happens.
They will get over it just like cows do. Two equally matched pigs may take a little longer to sort things out. As long as they don't show signs of overheating all should be OK.

Don't see where pouring a bit of diesel on them would hurt, just might work.
The biggest problem can be if they draw a lot of blood and get a taste for it. Pigs love the taste of blood and fresh meat. Otherwise like vett said, they should get used to each other. Ron
I'd use Vicks....not a flammible.........Does the pig that gets beat have somewhere to get away from the winner???
Well the problem was....we got 2 hamps, 2 yorks a spot and a duroc. The hamp and york gilts were the ones fighting and they WERE drawing blood. They both colapsed due to over-exertion so we separated them so they could get a good night's sleep and hopefully recover from their battle wounds. So, we put the two hamps together (thinking they were most likely from the same litter) and then the rest. Well, we went out this a.m. and it looks like the hamp gilt tore into the hamp barrow overnight. Now I'm at a loss as to what the heck to do... I really need these guys to all get along as I'm not entertaining the idea of building another pig pen. :help:
If you do let them fight it out,be sure the loser has enough room to get away from the winner--otherwise you will have dead pigs.
We have had pigs that lost a mother or mother would attack the babys so we would move them to one of the other sows to nurse that didn't have alot of babies and I would just pour baby powder all over them (the new ones and the mother's) and then all got to be one big happy family!! It is mainly so they can't tell who's is who's, and they think they are all from the same bunch, nothing different. So my suggestion would be to use anything that has a strong enough smell and get it on all of them, and they should be good after that. I know mine were just babies but they do fight just the same at that age. Hope this helps!

LoveMoo11":2h6d8eov said:
I'd just stick with cows :cboy:
TRUST ME.....I would.

One of my daughters doesnt' like cows. So, she shows pigs. One of her friends joined 4H for the first year and wanted to do a pig but they live in town so (me being the 4H leader) we told her it was no problem to keep it at our place...well.... its this new girls darling little Hampshire gilt thats starting all of it!!!
We've never had them fight (only during the show)...so this is a first.

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