Not pretty but first km in

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Looks good. I find it interesting that you used pointed posts. In our area most guys want a flat bottom. They say it is hard to pound them in straight if they are pointed, since the posts follows the tip, if the tip hits a rock it will push the post sideways whereas a flat one will push the rock away. But then again most places around here don’t look as rocky as what you are working in.
What do you pay for treated posts in Canada? (Canadian or US?) Did you buy enough to get the semi load discount?
4-5 x 8 are $15+ right now and hard to get. Huge fires over the years that burnt 100s of miles of fences created huge demand for posts. This is a fence on crown land on our range, the Forest Service supplied materials for 2 km of fence to replace one I built in 1991.

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