New grass is up!

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Oct 13, 2008
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Eastern Plains of Colorado
Our new grass is up and coming! Not planted in extremely straight rows, mind you, but it's up. :lol2: All of it's about 2-3 inches tall, which ain't too shabby considering the conditions. We got a very well timed inch of rain that really sent them growing. Trouble is, our soil drains very easily. Now we could use another inch or so. :? But, I won't complain too much. The grass is made for dryland conditions, and this next week is forecasted for rain and/or snow from Tuesday on. Then again, the weatherman has been known to be wrong now and again. Winter wheat is doing incredible. We'll be throwing a little straw/light manure on that here before moisture to provide a little nitrogen and frost protection. Come spring green-up, we'll hit is pretty good and see how it does. Pretty excited about my first crop. :cboy:

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