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Mar 5, 2007
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I know that when I get on here to look around I love to see pictures of new babies, so I thought that I would share a couple of ours.
These are all purebred Simmental calves and we have been blessed this year so far with quite a few heifers.
Let me know what you think, I love my red simmy but we are about half and half this year red and black, I just haven't gotten good pics of all of them yet.
Trademark Bull

Bring It On Heifer

Built Right Heifer

Big Sky Heifer
Nice babies! its good to hear that someone still likes colored cattle...everything's turning black :p
Calves look GREAT!! Liked all of them, even the ones we could just see bits & pieces. Really nice to have a loafing area like that. My poor cattle never get to see "inside" a barn except to spit out their calf. Calves have a small shelter. Really need more room for calves.
Appreciate the pretty pics.
Thanks for posting your baby pics. I also love to see all the babies. They look really nice. I like all the different colors and markings.
Very nice pictures, thanks. I am amazed at the clean bedding as well as the shelter. Bedding will makes some great compost. Mine also would probably get clostrophobia with a shelter that nice. They are never even under a roof, calving or not, unless you count the woods. Nice also to see some cattle with some color.
Thank you Everyone for your kind words. We are really lucky to have our shelter, it is an old bank barn with a huge lean-to on the back side of it, we use to use it for a feed lot area for steers. All the girls that calve in Jan, Feb and all first calf heifers, all get to come in there so that they are out of the weather to calve and then they get rotated out to the pastures. We don't have a real good winter weather pasture area, to much mud so they are pretty spoiled.
We are very proud of the calves so far this year, the bull picture and the middle heifer are flushmates (bred cow to two different bulls at flush time) and we got another heifer out of that set of embryos that is a black baldy, also very nice.
Those are some really nice looking calves. I particularly like the Built Right and Big Sky heifers. BTW, what calf's side is in the picture of the Big Sky calf? I'd definately like to see more of it.
Farmgirl10 that calf you asked about in the last picture is a Big Sky Bull calf and you can see him in the third picture right behind the red baldy heifer, he is very nice right now and thick, and I love his spots.

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