My replacement heifers

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Mar 20, 2011
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S.E. Queensland, Australia
These are some of my young ladies, mostly born in July 2016, I synchronised them late Sept, I have been a bit disappointed with the number I have had to rebreed but hopefully I have got them in the end.

This first one is a Sydgen Black Pearl out of an Equator 395 cow and should be in calf to Hoover Dam.

This is a GAR Prophet and should be in calf to Hoover Dam.

This is a SAV Thunderbird and should be in calf to Hoover Dam.

This is a Connealy Earnan and hopefully in calf to PF Broadview

This is a SAV Thunderbird and was just inseminated yesterday to GAR Prophet, she has comeback twice now at about 6-7 wk interval, I know she should go but this is her last chance, I am getting tougher.

And this is another SAV Thunderbird and should be in calf to PF Broadview.

I might do a video of them and add a link for those who are interested. Moving around them in a video gives a better idea of them than a poorly timed snapshot.

They look good. We often discuss whether heifers are easier to AI than cows. My experience has been that it does not make much difference. But I have 5 replacement heifers I serviced this fall. Two of the five passed over their first 21 days. One came back in. Two are waiting to pass their first 21. But they were all (5) difficult mostly due to being nervous. They moved constantly and sharply arched their backs, pulling their cervix down. Two were extremely nervous and moved so much it was not much fun.
Ron I like doing my heifers things just seem nice and precise, small cervix to get through but also small vagina so the gun can't get too far away from the os. I occaisionally get a fidget but they are usually not too bad, I don't catch their head as being shorter than mature cows they fit nicely between the headgate and the kickgate that closes behind them and protects me and I don't have to reach out to do them and I think that helps them to stand quitely. I had one that I think was pregnant when I did them the 1st time (4th photo) her uterus was like a cow that had calved just a couple of weeks, must have been neighbours bull, I caught him luring the bull back through the fence with a bucket of feed last year from heifers and doubt doubt that he would have said anything if I did not catch him in the act. Another (4th photo) has returned twice the last time she was scanned at 7 weeks in calf and I saw it on the screen but came in a week later so a few things are making it a bit heckly peckly.

Thanks JS, yeh I do like the Thunderbirds I think 5 of my 8 heifers are by him, I have 2 on their 2nd calf now that are doing a very good job and these will be my last Thunderbirds I like to use a bull for 3 years if I am happy with their 1st calves and then move on. PF Broadview is a US sire, he is one I am sampling at a special price (cheap, cheap) so they can record some Australian performance figures on him. I usually get 20 doses of these new ones every year and mostly use them on cows that I know will be moving on, not really in the spirit of the arrangement but I will usually record a few myself. I left myself a bit short on calving ease bulls for my heifers so I have thrown him into the fray and taking a bit of a chance. ... 00&lang=EN

Ky hills":1z0t2lyc said:
Nice heifers. Hoover Dam is a great choice to have bred them to, in my opinion.

Thanks, I do pay a lot of attention to the recommendations from the people here, can't always get them though but most of the popular ones end up available.

Bright Raven":enh0lrv0 said:
wbvs58":enh0lrv0 said:

Those dogs can jump. :banana:

How many dogs do you have? Looks like a truck load. Thunderbirds are sweet.

Ron I am minding a friends 3 working dogs they are basically Kelpies a couple have a bit of Border Collie as well the other 2 dogs are mine. Yes they can jump a bit, Xena took off to jump in the UTV from a long way back and it looks good in the video as though she was flying. Greg uses them as he gets a bit of work mustering on some larger properties on the escarpment east of here and when not working they are boxed. He brought their boxes around on a trailer which is parked in my back yard, I can't let them out unsupervised as they will just go off and look for cows and bring them up but morn and night I let them out and they run with my dogs and the UTV for a good gallop and then we go up to check the cows and I put them in the back so they won't harrass things, they have a ball and are very happy dogs.


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