Moon and Pressure

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Feb 2, 2004
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south central louisiana
I was checking out the moon tables on a "know when to go calender"
It tells you when the fish are more active and when deer are more likely to be on the move.
They say the barometric pressure also affects the feeding times of fish.
That being said, I was wondering, humans being animals too, are we affected by these changes to some degree?
Is that why some mornings you're ready to jump right on any projects you may have, and other mornings you could just as soon stay in the house?
Is that why when you're in one of these moods and don't have much on the agenda, you take the boat and go fishing, but the fish don't bite because they are in the same funk as you?
And I'm asking for input from regular working people;for some folks the pressure is never right.
I think you're on to something. I used to teach 12 yr olds, and we the teachers always noticed a change in the kids' behavior during the full moon, and with barometric changes. We could tell when a storm was moving in long before the weathermen could. I sure notice changes in my behavior and energy level with the moon phases and barometric changes too, but then again, I'm a woman......'nuff said...;-)
WOrked in Law enforcement for a number of years, and I swear the moon effects people. Makes them plum crazy! I think that is where the lunacy description goes back to in Greek times.
I don't know about the moon, but the spring air and sunshine is getting me fired up to jump in those pastures and shred all those weird weeds that come up right after winter and get the place looking good again.

Let the new grass grow!

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