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May 28, 2007
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NW Iowa
If you only had to choose one modern convenience to have, what would it be?
For me, I'd couldn't live without indoor plumbing.

There wouldn't be cow business without it. Or a whole lot of others for that matter.
I could live without AC or indoor plumbing. Refrigeration would be tougher. But I think motor transportation would be the hardest thing to live without. We are all so used to jumping in the car and going somewhere we don't realize how long it would take if we had to hitch up horses or ride bikes to get there.
I'd hate to choose-10 miles is a loooong way without a car- 104(?) here yesterday- flushtolets/running water have lowered the incedencs of disease-- I think I'd choose electricity,there's so much you can do with it>
I'm just glad to live now. think about how the Grandparents had to live.. Now,push a button,you've got so much power at your beck and call. We control inside weather/distance..We talk to friends thousands of miles away. We see things that never existed(movies) Vaccines so that our kids don't die by the hundreds.All in all,despite the problems,now is a good time
I have to say indoor plumbing. That's the running water and the flushing toilet. Geez, I love my flush toilet. Of course, you need electricity to run the pump house...

Can't we choose two?

No, running water. If I can use a generator.
After paying 125 dollars 15 minutes ago to have my sewer line snaked I am changing my vote to plumbing.

Like my plumber says you just take for granted that shyt runs downhill and away until it doesn't.
bigbull338":3jvykg32 said:
modern milking units

Bull milking by hand ain't hard. Heard a guy say just the other day that his cows were so trained all he had to do was get a grip on the teats and the cow jumped up and down. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

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