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Dec 28, 2003
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Dear Extension Supporter,

You may have heard recent media accounts indicating Governor Nixon’s budget proposal for next year includes a cut of approximately 50% in state funding for MU Extension. While we are very appreciative of Governor Nixon’s decision on February 11, 2009, to amend his proposed budget by reducing the cut to MU Extension from $14.6 million to $4.5 million, there is still concern about the fate of state funding for MU Extension.

This amended budget cut still represents a disproportionate reduction of state funding of approximately 16% to MU Extension, which is still a significant funding reduction. While this certainly is better than the original 50% reduction, the budget must still pass through the legislative budget committees where there will be the opportunity for legislators to add or remove additional funding. Thus, it is still imperative to let our elected officials and University Administration know the importance of MU Extension to our state, county, and community.

As you are likely well aware, MU Extension provides a wide array of educational programs and services to the citizens of Dent County and Missouri. These areas of programming and services offered by MU Extension include Ag and Natural Resources, Community Development, the Salem TCRC, Business Development, 4-H Youth Development, Family Nutrition, Family Finance, and Continuing and Distance Education. A proposed cut of 16% in state funding would still affect the ability of these programs and services to be offered by MU Extension.

Please join us in contacting legislators, the Governor, and the University President to indicate our support for Extension not to experience a disproportionate decrease in funding compared to other units of the University of Missouri System.

Attached are sample letters that you could print, sign, and mail to the address listed on the letter.

We’ve also enclosed a list of phone numbers and email addresses should you prefer to use one of those methods of correspondence in place of or in addition to mailing a letter.

Please share this information with others as you see fit.

By working together we hope to maintain a sufficient level of funding for Extension to allow it to continue offering the programs and services our community needs.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


Sandie Hogan

Dent County Extension Council Member

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