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Calf market was spotty here in East Texas. Better end still sold well. Lots of fat, bawling, juicy new crop calves. Order buyers were put on head limits Thursday and Friday. Many shut down for the 4th of July Friday and one company said they would crank back up on July 10. Said the customers receiving the cattle wanted to take off.
July 10, sold 5 older cows (black)
# avg weight price/lb
1 1395 1.07
2 1205 1.005
2 995 0.90

July 12, sold 4 claves (black)
# sex avg weight price/lb
2 male 433 2.53
1 male 555 2.50
1 hfr 315 2.47

considering the drought we are in for this area, we are extremely pleased. They brought money AND we don't have to feed them. Getting money from both sides is a win. (the sale and the saving)

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