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Can someone help me on this one? What do they mean when you read the paper or listen to the radio about the cattle markets and they say 90-100 topping at 110? lets say that that was for calves. Does it mean price per pound and they just don't put the decimal point in there? or does it mean if you have a nice calf that you'll get $110.00 for it?

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Good question. Some market reports omit decimal point. Part of the "secret language" of any trade or If says, .90 to 1.10 that means per pound. If says 90 to 110 that means per 100 lbs. To get the "top" price, one needs to have the "best" of the lot at sale and/or something someone is especially looking for in conformation, color, or whatever. On the other hand, when they speak of "cow/calf pairs", e.g., 550 to 600 that means the "total" price that is paid $550 to $600 for the Pair, regardless of weights.

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