Last cutting of the year

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Jul 17, 2006
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South Georgia
We've had a good year for growing grass. Much better than the last two and I cut the first of field yesterday but I'm having second thoughts on cutting any more due to conflicting time constraints and the fact that I already have more than enough since I reduced the herd during the drought. I'm thinking of letting the cows have at the remaining fields but was considering letting a friend have one of the fields since he is running short this year. What I was considering was to let him have the hay in return for putting down about 40 units of P and 75 units of K on it after its cut. Does this sound fair? (It should do about 4-5 rolls/acre)
BC":fngr9byg said:
Sounds fair to me. You are just replacing what you are removing.

Thanks, thats all I want to do. If I leave it as is, I can burn it and all I will need for the spring cutting is some N so I don't want to go backwards on the deal and pay those blue eyed arabs any more money than I got to for K.
I guess the shorter, cooler days are taking their toll. Seems the grass isn't growing as fast as it was and the cows are keeping it grazed down. The millet that I planted in August was stunted by several weeks of hot dry weather is knee high to shoulder high and heading out. Probably going to bite the bullet and let the cows have it since, get this... it is to wet to get on to bale anyway. :D The Alicia is ready to cut but it has actually been raining on the days rain is in the forecast. Go figure that one. Not sure where Thursday's and Friday's forecasted rain is going to come from since the radar doesn't show much of anything happening west of the Mississippi. Could be an opening to get it laid down but with wet ground, heavy morning dew, cool(er) short day's... just not haybaling weather. :D

Letting your friend have a patch in return for fertilizing it sounds OK with me. That or let him do it on halves.

Oh yeah, the oats I got planted last Monday is comming up. The rest is still to wet to get on. :D Little early to plant too, recent years we have been waiting to mid-October to plant.
Thanks I've done it on halves with him before but I really don't need hay and I sure don't want to be in the hay business. This is a far cry from my situation in 2007 when I finished the year with two rolls carryover. Seems I'm still experiencing the effects of the drought in various ways.

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