Irrigate or not

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Mar 7, 2016
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Fencemans place...central Texas
On kinda of a wild hair I disk up a acre and half along a interior cross fence and also along a high spot. Seeded with giant bermuda.Partly playin round , but also figured it would maybe spread seed into the pasture down hill. Also in a easy spot to tie in electric. There's a concrete trough immediately adjacent that is fed off my bigger pond. I could pull water from here, though it would be a bit of a production. I got 2 inches of rain Saturday on top of good moist soil. Next rain chance is Monday. My soil gets a hard dry crust quickly. 1/8 inch thick yesterday. Experience says 1/2 inch crust by next rain chance.
Should I go to the effort to irrigate?????

Ground was not disk to a real fine finish. Was a little cloddy. Seed was just mixed with fertilizer and spread. The rain flattened things out real good.
LOL.....Yesterday I was shaking my head the past couple days about the flash flood warnings the weather service was crowing about cause nothing significant showed up on radar closer than Colorado.....kind of an eye opener when I checked this morning around 10 and most of East Texas was either red or yellow with splotches of dark green. All of it heading SE. Ended up with 1.8 inches over 4 hrs.

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