I tried hard NOT to buy them...I really did!

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Aug 9, 2020
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NW Georgia
So there's this kid that called me this week. , I say he is a kid,,he's 19-20, maybe a tad older. Me and his grandaddy used to rodeo together in the 80s. Anyhow, he called me wanting me to buy these heifers he had. Kid was almost in a panic. He had talked his other grandpa into letting him breed about 20 of their Jersey herd to a Brahma. He told me about it a couple of years ago, and had asked me to help him find a Brahma bull. Actually I told him he ought to AI them, but that went right over his head. I found a few and told him about them, and they were too high he said, Last time I called he said he and his buddy had found one cheap that a stock contractor had, so I just kinda forgot about it. Well, I found out this week, they had bought a 1/2 Brahma, 1/2 LH x Watusi bull. Said that Bo ( the contractor) had this bucking bull that wasn't fit to buck, and they bought him cheap! Ugliest ,scariest looking bull I had ever seen! I remember when Bo traded for him. Watusi have that African Horn Gene big time, Probably have seen a couple, maybe, in my life that had a polled calf when bred to Angus. So he had about 20 calves out of these Jereseys, about even steer to heifer mix. He said these were 16-18 mos old ( he wasn't sure). Last week they carried the steers to the sale. None of them broke 800 lbs at that age. He thought they would get 2 or 3 dollars a pound for them. They sold in the 70 's cent per lb range. They took advantage of these boys...blind 3 legged cattle brought more than that. Anyhow, he said the most they got for one was $600. He said they wanted to get rid of the heifers, too, but he knew they would bring a couple of hundred dollars less. I was tempted to tell him I would go with him, and they'd never buy them that cheap that day. He said he didnt want to go to a sale barn again...he was wondering if I would buy them from him. He said he would let me have them for $400 and bring them to me. He said " Oh yeah, and they are bred, too, for March calves next year." I said "Trevor, you ought to keep them. Y'all got plenty of pasture and hay. Wean those calves and sell them about this time next year and you will get your $2 pound, if an Angus can keep the horns off of them. You did breed them to an Angus, didn't you?" He said " No, Mr, Warren, we thought we better use a small bull on these heifers, so we used Bo's Corriente"!! I was absolutely speechless!!!! Had to mute the phone for a minute. Bo's a pretty sorry you-know-what in my book, letting them boys use that bull when he KNOWS those calves won't even get a bid! Any how, I went to look at them today. Being from a working dairy, they had been raised on a bottle and were lap-dog gentle. And they had been wormed and vacced etc the same as the dairy herd, so they are healthy. But at 18 mos, I doubt a one was anywhere near 800, maybe 700--750. I just didn't want them at all. But, I told him I'd give him $375 a head, and he and his buddy are going to haul them down there tomorrow, I told him that Scott and some of his family and friends were gonna shoot again this weekend, and for them to carry their guns and sleeping bags, and they could shoot too, Stay over and shoot Sunday if they wanted to. Scott said as big as that field is, it would be great to have a couple more to help keep the doves flying. I was gonna go too, but about the time I got back form Trevor;s. Clay called about another deeal, that we are going to buy tomorrow. Whole different ball of wax with this bunch. Gonna talk about them in the next thread.

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