Grass Hay and Salt??

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Jun 29, 2010
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Shannon County MO
Back years ago,(in olden times,lol) when everyone put up square bales and put them in the barn, I heard many stories of people having to put damp hay in the barn due to whatever the reason, usually weather. So they would have a kid putting a handful of salt on each bale as it went through the door. Then, as the story always went, when it was fed that winter the cows would eat it like it was the best hay they had ever ate ate, and beg for more!
This has me thinking........ What if, when round bales are stored outside, after they are stacked put some salt on them. When it did rain on them it would work into any of the hay the water got too. Would that help preserve the hay? Would it cause it to spoil faster? Has anybody tried this?
Thanks Guys