Got a flu shot yet?

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Son of Butch

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Aug 30, 2010
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Frost Bite Falls, Minnesota
dieselbeef said:
didn't get the the flu tho..does that count? kid had it for 10 days..i got it now...
on my 4th day...never realized that much water could come out of yer butt
Thanks for the warning.
Yes after recovering, I assume you'll have stronger immunity from getting that line of the flu
again than what a shot of the vaccine could provide.


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Sep 28, 2012
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Bright Raven said:
Bestoutwest said:
cowgal604 said:
There is nothing more painful than a tetanus booster

There's one we use here to fight infection on open fractures (someone gets a finger smashed, so there's a laceration and the bone is fractured). It goes in the butt, and is allegedly thick and awful. It's supposed to be way worse than tetanus. I hope it's nothing I never experience.

Yes. That is a gamma globulin injection. It uses tissue from other donors to boost immunity. I got one the first two times I went to Africa. It is not without risk. I got mine after they started screening donors but at one time there was a fear of getting hepatitis or even AIDS from the shot.

You drop your pants and get it in the gluteus maximus. Oh gosh, it is not fun. The last two times I went to Africa, I passed on it.

Another reason to not go to Africa.

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