What to heck has got wrong with people.....

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Aug 25, 2013
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Veterinarian kills two police officers. From looking at the woman's FB account everything appeared normal.



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We took prayer out of school, the 10 Commandments out of our court houses, and Christ out of Christmas, child abduction and sex traffiking is growing exponentially, then we wonder why all of this is happening.
We are working on the second generation of narcissists.
They are worshiping at the alter of I and only accept like thoughts in their circle.
The iPhone is guaranteed that as it is their priest.
From what I read it sounded like she lost it . Told the officers someone was following her and she felt threatened. As she talked to the officers she shot and killed the first officer and then her and the second officer shot and killed each other . All happening with her daughter in the car .
I always wonder if these " shooters" and/or this lady are on anti depressants.
I have known friends of mine that freaked out when they try to quit taking them.
A long time good friend of mine called me one day threatening me. Said I was talking bad about his family. Talking crazy like he wanted to kill me. I thought he was playing around...but after a few minutes I could tell he was serious.
I didn't hear from him for 6 months, then one day he called me and apologized over and over, he said he tried to get off his meds and it made him go crazy.
He started taking them again and has been ok since.
This craziness has happened to 3 people I know. I guess once you're on them you can't quit.
Really scary stuff.

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