First farm born registered Brahman

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Yep! That's why I said you don't need no donkeys or guard dogs with them!
We bought this cow , and she was very protective of this calf, the calf was on the move from day one, the most energetic new born I’ve ever seen, he’s growing like crazy and very well built, pictures don’t do justice, the cow is not pure, but she was surely bred to a Brahman, my little granddaughter loves him.
The cow is easy to get in the lot and is pretty docile.


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Had around 15 Brahman heifers when I first started, never raised a Brahman calf the whole time I had them..all were F1 braford and simbrah..I later had a registered Brahman bull calf, that the breeder let me use.. he wanted me to halter break him, I did but never used him..carried him back before he got old enough to bred anything..went a different direction..

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