Everyone okay?

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I pray ya'll get power soon thats no joke. Back in 2009 we had an ice storm was without power for a month. It's weird how fast you learn what is important and thankful for the small things.
I see on the news this evening that some folks are getting inflated power bills due the storm, even some without power and water. How can that be??
I heard the fuel went up as well. I know when we had the ice storm back in 2009 our electric bill was high. I called them asked how could it be possible when we haven't had any power in a whole month. 🤷🏽‍♀️ They said it be on the next month's bill. It was just as high.
Well when i posted we got power back i spoke too soon as we lost it again but thankfully it wasnt very long And its back on. Our temperature is up and everything is thawing. I always complain about the mud we have here but I am glad to see all the mud now. Lol.

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