Everyone okay?

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Sep 30, 2020
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Just checking with all of you to make sure you're okay. This storm going across the country is messing with many folks.

So, stay safe, and stay warm.
Water is frozen and cant seem to get it thawed. Suns out, thought it would help, but no such luck... lol

Now they are talking about rolling blackouts here too.

Doing ok for now I guess.
As ok as ok can be! Lolz
Ok in my area of Ky. It doesn't look like much so far, but ice is building up and roads are slick. It's supposed to go all snow later.
It's getting rough here in East KY. Have had at least a quarter inch of ice on everything for a few days, now it's sleeting and turning to snow. Cars are getting hung up and getting off the roads.
No major problems.... icy wintry mix on top of about 3 inches of the last 5+ inches of snow we had. No electricity problems thank goodness. Looking for another crummy one coming in Wed/Thurs then maybe sun on the weekend. Biggest thing is the mud because nights are only in the upper 20's so no real good freezing.
Feel bad for friends in Tx... they have nothing to handle the snow and the extreme cold there.
We're doing as well as we can. It can always be worse. Only one broken water line. Got it fixed. 6 out of 7 automatic water fountains are working.

My best friend had to pull the pump in his 800' deep well.

Another friend told me it took 3 tractor tires, 2 stuck pickup trucks and 3 different livestock trailers to get a load of bred cows forty miles to home from a sale.

Everyone stay safe and warm!
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Water is frozen and cant seem to get it thawed. Suns out, thought it would help, but no such luck... lol

Now they are talking about rolling blackouts here too.

Doing ok for now I guess.
As ok as ok can be! Lolz
They're doing it in the town a couple miles northeast of us.

Let's see . . . . green energy, electric cars, electric every-freakin'-thing and they can't handle a 2 week storm? Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

Sending good juju! Should be above freezing by the weekend.
Doing okay. Things have actually been going pretty well, haven't had any trouble with equipment yet, knock on wood. Still got a few cold nights left.

Been chipping 2" of ice out of waterers every morning, got about 8" of snow and the high was -1 today. Looks like more of the same for the rest of this week.

Snow and ice are normal for us, we're just 10-20 degrees colder than normal, and definitely not for 2 weeks straight.
Never better. We are far enough west that the frigid cold missed us. We do have freezing temperatures and snow but that is normal this time of the year. Calves are starting to hit the ground here and on all my neighbors.
Only -20 here this morning. Should break 0 for a high today. We went 5 consecutive days and nights in sub zero, not to mention some wicked bad wind chills. Weather guys saying we will be in the 30s above this weekend....it's going to be a long week to get there though. We are lucky though, all our equipment and waterers are hanging in there, and aside from an old show bull who is a huge wuss, all our stock looks like they will get through it all just fine.
so far things are going OK. had one copper water line freeze and split open in the old farm house, but capped the supply line going to it before it thaws otherwise that would have been a mess. one cow had her calf the first night it got down to -15 but both doing well. thought for sure second cow would calf during the cold but so far she is holding that little guy in where it is nice and warm. we learned a few good lessons from the artic vortex's that dropped down two years ago. Just looking forward to getting back up above freezing and watch some of this dang snow melt away.
Yep everything still right side up so far. Could sell tickets for tractor rides to put out hay.
Ice + hills + tractor loaded with hay is interesting to say the least.
Lost several major refineries along the coast in this. Be weeks before back to normal capacity.
It will take over a week to start it up.
Big chunk of the greenies are without power.

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