Down grade my current vehicle or keep driving it?

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May 29, 2014
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Elberton, GA
I am looking for a little advice. I have a 2015 F350 dually and I picked up a full time GA ARMY National Guard job so my line of work has changed. Plus I will be leaving for about 6 months here pretty soon so more or less the truck is a grocery getter. I have a 91 Dodge Cummins and my wife's 2014 Ram 1500 that can haul anything that I really need hauled. Should I sell the F350 and get something smaller or keep on driving it? I've been running the idea of trading it in on a Toyota Tacoma but will a Tacoma haul a bale of hay if needed. I only run about 40 head of cows and I can put out hay with the tractor at the house.
Dually is expensive to run if its not needed. If its feasible, I would likely downgrade. Seems most people with a Tacoma are happy with them.
First off, thank you for your service. :tiphat: If it was me, since you have your Dodge and your wife's truck for hauling larger things, I would be inclined to sell the F-350 and get something smaller like a Tacoma for running around in. Folks I know that have them really like them, and that would save quite a bit on fuel and maintenance, and you could use the cash towards other things. I can't say how well one would haul a round bale though. I would think it would squat pretty good.
Thank you for your support! The main reason I'm leaning towards the Toyota is that they seem to go forever. I love my wife's Ram though. Toyota seems to be the cheapest maintenance out of any other brand.
Thank you for your service. I would downgrade if it was feasible. I don't know if you'll save a ton of fuel but you its surely save on maintenance.
I would also like to thank you for your service, but have a question. Since you said you have a '91 Dodge and your wife's 1/2-ton, why not just sell the new truck outright, forget about the Tacoma, and drive the '91 when you're home? You'd have money in your pocket (unless you're upside down on the Ford), plus you should save quite a bit on insurance every month.
I believe that is the route I will go. I owe a little bit less than what the truck is valued at. I think I'm just going to sell it and put a little money in the d250 and keep on driving it. Thanks for the info.
sell it, you have the D250 which will run for decades yet if the body doesn't rust out around it, put some u joints, tie rods and brakes in it and it'll be good for a longtime yet. probably the best lasting truck dodge ever made
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I just hope you can get something out of it, those 4 letters on the tailgate is an issue imo

More than likely he'll get more than he paid for it. Ford isn't the best selling truck in America for 40 years running for no reason.

Junk the FIATs and keep the Ford.

Maybe "best-selling" because their resale value in the used market, which is what we are talking here, is very low especially compared to their cost when purchased new. Resale on a Ford is generally bad, ergo trade in value will be horrible.

I had the same dilemma as the OP a few years ago. I traded my diesel in on a half-ton because I didn't "need" it at the time. The half-ton was actually more expensive to run than the diesel. I don't see an increase in maintenance costs at all. Fuel economy was a big issue with the half-ton gasser, especially when I hooked ANYTHING up to tow (8.5 mpg towing a 21' bass boat ~3500lbs total, vs 17.5 mpg towing with the diesel). Gasser was averaging 17 mpg combined hwy/cty not towing, and the diesel was averaging 18.5 hwy/cty combined. Oil changes are about $15 more, but less frequent. Everything else is roughly the same. Minor differences in cost. Major differences in resale value.

Best advice I can give, is if you are looking to stay in a truck stay with what you have. Where you will really make up a cost advantage is if you go to a car instead of a truck. which it sounds like you have the option of doing with your other trucks. If you're going to go to something like a Tacoma, you'll lose money on the deal and continuously after, as you gain virtually nothing in fuel savings.

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