Dont forget your calf!

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Dec 17, 2019
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N. Central boonies, Oklahoma
So this cow shows up 2 miles south of us.
I get a text with these pics.
You know this cow?
Nope. Text all the neighbors and let em know where she's at. No one is claiming her...
So Monday I think it is, she shows up in my yard by the south acre where I keep Eleanor and her babies. It was right about dark. I go grab a feed sack and see if she will come. Figure she been out long enough, she can hang out here til someone comes a looking.
Shake a sack, she high tails it south!
Next day...
Shes back. I thought all right you lil twerp.
I feed Eleanor and babies while she eyeballs me intently. I go over and open the gate and walk away. Sure enough...
She sidles on down the fence to the gate and walks right in. Not to the feed! Straight to water!
Then she decides she will join in...
Well, at least she's caught now.
The whole time I've been eyeballing her. Looks like she has a bag. Looks empty. Crap!
Well, if she's got a calf maybe it'll come here or she will start bellering and I'll go from there.

Put the word out...
Call to identify and pick up. Easy to I.d. tag matches brand. Radio silence....

Today my neighbor calls me. He says hey, someone need talk to you..

My names such and such...

Oooo! I bet u are looking for that cow I got penned up! Awesome.

Well, long story short, she's been gone a week. Disappeared right after they moved that group to a new pasture. Turns out, she went looking for her baby that she had in THAT LAST PASTURE!

We didn't know this until he found the cow and asked if she had a calf with her.
They found the calf, dead, in the prior pasture. Now the kicker!
She came from 17 miles away to the north!!!

Poor ol gurl has had a rough week.....

Don't forget your calves guys!!!!

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