does the belt stay?

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I was thinking of getting a belted Galloway heifer, and was wondering if I breed it to an Angus bull, is the belt dominant?
bred belted cow to shorthorn bull 2 years in arow 1st calf red w/belt, 2nd calf solid red No Belt
A friend of mine raised Belties for awhile, and she was always told if the bull wasn't a belted, the next generation could possibly lose the belt. She had quite a few with an 'incomplete" belt or no belt when bred with a non-Beltie bull.
Hi We have line here of belted galaway x friesian steers. All are black and have kept their full belt, I expect you would have similar results with an angus/galaway X.
I forgot to add some have picked up the double coat, and others are relatively smooth.

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