Dinner or Lunch

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Dinner or Lunch

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My folks always called it dinner, then supper. I started calling it lunch in school and never got over it. Then again, my first husband was a yankee.
We always said dinner and supper, and they were at 12:00 and 6:00, not 5 minutes after, but 12:00 and
6:00 .

CKC1586":2d06s1g4 said:
larryshoat":2d06s1g4 said:
We always said dinner and supper, and they were at 12:00 and 6:00, not 5 minutes after, but 12:00 and
6:00 .

You must be my brother!

:lol2: I'll bet before this thread is finished we find we have even more siblings :lol2: .

When I grew up, lunch was about 9:45am and 4pm. Breakfast (for us kids) was about 7am, dinner was at noon, and supper was when Mom got in the house to fix it (usually about the time it got dark).
I call it both so I can't answer. If its a big meal its dinner small meal is lunch. Supper is the last meal no matter what.
I gotta agree with Jo. Meat and potato's are dinner and a sandwich, pizza, etc. is lunch.
I don't think this is a North, South thing. I think it's a rural, city thing. All my farming relatives had, breakfast, lunch(mid morning snack), dinner, lunch (afternoon snack) and supper. My townie relatives had breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Always call it breakfast, lunch and dinner. Heard some people refer to the noon snack as dinner and it confuses the heck out of me. :cowboy:
If I'm at work its lunch break at noon, if we take a early lunch for some reason, then the noon break becomes dinner, if I'm home it's dinner. We have supper at night unless we go out, then we go out to dinner, and sometimes we go out to dinner and eat breakfast. :)
Always been breakfast, lunch and dinner for us here with smoko inbetween (morning smoko and arvo smoko in the afternoon, of course).

When in primary school, the first break of the day was always called "little lunch" just to confuse things even further!
This is the order we do it.

Breakfast,,if you miss breakfast and have to eat around 11:00 am it is brunch,, then between 1:00 pm and 4 pm it is called lunch (or as hubby calls it a bite to eat) and then anything after 5 pm is called dinner/supper (depending on what I want to call it that day)..
As a city girl growing up it was alway breakfast lunch and supper. When i married my husband and moved rural it was breakfast dinner and supper. The big meal was at dinner and supper was a lite meal since it was never on time and could be real late. Sometimes just a bowl of cereal. And Dinner was always at 1pm when "All my Children" was on Mother in law and father in law's lunch show for years.
Hubby and I started eating dinner at 2pm. I know late, but when one or the other or both were driving school bus and we had to leave at 3pm it was hard to get some work done. We got home from the morning route at 9-9:30 am so dinner at noon was pointless. Never got anything done. So we started dinner at 2 pm so we had the chance to get some work done.

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