Cows nursing Cows?

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Feb 11, 2005
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Southeast, Louisiana
I have noticed that this winter, I have some momma cows that are allowing other cows to nurse them. These cows are bred and will calve later this Spring. I have a couple of questions.

1. Why are they doing this/Why are they letting them do this?
2. What effects will it have on my pregnant cows?
3. Can I efficiently stop it?


The only truly effective way is to get rid of the cow that is letting them suck or to get rid of the suckers.
You can get spiked nose rings for the suckers. But as soon as one falls out they'll be back at it.

Usually they're pairs that have been raised together from calves, just real close friendships.
Your biggest worry is that they might take the colostrum the calf needs. I learned a few weeks ago that I've got a pair in my own herd that I never knew about - as long as it's just the two of them, they can drink my profits if they want :)
Though if I catch them at it a second time they might find themselves with a nose ring each.
I've seen dairy heifers with wires permanately stuck through their noses, like a weaner that never comes out . A weird looking thing, but very effective, on a high dollar cow that might be an otion .

Are you SURE they are actually SUCKING. Or are they licking each others udder area? Cows do this quite often to each other. If they are actually SUCKING, you won't stop them. Seperate them, ship one or the other, or try the weaners. I would SHIP the sucker or suckers.
I put one of those yellow no-suck things in a two year old that was sucking anything that would let her. She wore it for two years, before she lost it, but haven't had any trouble with her after that. gs
a heifer might be broke and out grow nursing, a cow will smell the milk and go back over and over. ship her, the one allowing it has to be watched or she will let everyone nurse, calves the same age are not as bad but not the best thing either. i have a neighbor who has a big heifer stealing from a little calf, i told them but they haven't done anything about it.
If I see a heifer, that I've given months to wean away from the other cows, nursing; she is no longer welcome on my place. This gets my dander up quicker than almost anything. Maybe breaking her with a weaning device would be more cost effective but I've had it with her, she's gone. :arrow:

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