Cows not eating hay

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Apr 12, 2013
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We just bought 16 second crop 800 to 1000 pound mixed grass and clover hay round bales.
Some of the bales have a lot of clover in each bale and others have mostly grass.
Cows are eating the grass bales like candy, but not eating clover bales hardly at all. The clover has very little dust and is nice green coloration and no mold. Would cows not like over mature clover???
Has anyone had this issue with clover or are my cows just too fussy? (angus and simmental)


Caustic Burno":1z6tb54m said:
Cows can be very picky I have seen the same thing with coastal Hay being last choice.

Go to your farm supply store and get a gallon of Molasses. I mix it with just enough water to get it to pump good in a hand held pump up sprayer and give it a few squirts of that. Once they get into it they'll usually finish it off...if not, more "sugar".

I too have had problems with Coastal Hay. That is why I tried to feed Sudan-Sorghums which are referred to as "sweet" feeds. But when hay is hard to get and of lesser quality, out comes the sugar!
Thanks for the info.
I let them go a few days and they cleaned it all up.

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