Cows and Warts.

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Many of the calves in my herd are getting warts. Nothing seems to help, what do I do? What causes the cattle to get warts in the first place? Is there something I can do to keep any more cows from getting this? Any information would be greatly appreciated. -Pandora-

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>There are vaccinations for warts, but they are rather pricy. I dont believe there is anything to do with the affected animal. HOwever, the warts will eventually run their course and dry up and fall off.

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Warts are viral. You can help prevent the spread of wart by soaking tattoo equipment in a disinfecting soln. between each animal. Also using disposable needles, one for each calf, rather than the same nedle over and over, as this will increase the spread of warts. Also soak your tag gun, between cows at it also can be a vector for warts. Warts are most common in calves under 12 monthes, and will most likely be gone by 12 monthes. You can also cut some warts off and feed them back to the animal. This will cause an immune response, that will cause all other warts to drop off, this is faster that waiting for the warts to fall off on their own

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