Cow will not take to AI

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Jan 6, 2017
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I have one cow that refuses to take to the AI. I have tried natural heats as well as protocol including the 7 day CIDR + GNrH protocol, which seems to work well for most of our other cows. She just refuses to take. But as soon as I turn her out with the herd bull, she takes immediately. I will now just have him breed her naturally as she always throws a great calf from him. Does anyone else have a cow like this that won't AI, but quickly takes to the herd bull?
No. I am all AI so far not had that experience. Some have a deep fornix. Some have a difficult cervix. Some take just a bit more effort.

Edited to add: some have difficult estrus behavior. So timing is difficult. Have you tried breeding twice on the same heat?
In the past we had a few like that. We culled them. Until a couple of years ago we were 100%. Anything that didn;t settle by the second breeding hit the road. Our conception rate shot up and our calving season got down to about 40 days. Since we've started using a bull more our calving season has stretched out and we get a couple of opens every fall.
We had one that was a problem. We'd give her one AI attempt and then turn her in with the bull.

AI tech bred her twice 12 hours apart and she stuck two years in a row. Next time we were using higher cost semen and he gave her a shot of cysterellin and she took again with a single breeding. He believes her ovulation and behavior are out of sync to other cows.

Or maybe we just got lucky 3 times and we don't have any clue what is going on.

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