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Feb 14, 2015
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I've have not studied the colors like I should so I'm asking folks that have. My ba bull is supposed to homo black and from all indication he is "except" with one cow and her daughter. I've had 6 calves off this white horned cow , out of 6, 3 sired by this bull 2 have been full of chrome. The other was soild back with maybe a little white on her belly.I kept her heifer that looked like old time sim and her first calf was black then this yrs calf was a clone of her. The white cow just calved again yesterday 304 days since last calf and its got 4 white stockings a heart on its forehead and a white circle just north of its tailhead. The bull has sired 43 head and all solid black except 3 , 2 are chromed up and one is smokey . is the cows genes that predominant??
When you throw in a lot of white it's not unusual to get some white showing with most any black angus bull. Never have been able to predict it. It;s like forest gump "live is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"
If a parent is truly homozygous for a gene the offspring can be carrier heterozygous but would not exhibit the trait.
Most likely your bull is heterozygous for hair color, however I've heard there is some sort of rare wild gene for hair color floating around that may even overrule the standard hetero/homoz rules... but I'm not really sure.
I guess we're really talking how much chrome and its location as white behind the naval is not uncommon in angus.
Perhaps some one with more knowledge of the 'wild' color gene will chime in.

Parent gene domination has no relation to the sex of the parent. So no the "cows" gene would not be dominant just because she's female.
M-5":1gkthdag said:

This was one from spring , I'll take some pics this weekend hes a hoss now. I haven't got any good pics of the new calf

The pattern on the calf is similar to the pattern on his dam. Same location, flank, forerib. I would say the cow marked the calf...
homo black should only refer to the base hair coat.. think of it this way breed a hetero black bull to Hereford cows you should get 50% red baldies 50% black baldies. Homo black bulls would produce 100% black baldies. What you are experiencing is different. The brown calf is something to do with the diluter gene on the cow not whether your bull is homo or hetero black. The white a different gene as well. some purebred dna proven Angus bulls will throw white forward of the navel (under the front armpit is a likely spot) when bred to Angus cows.. throw in simmy's or chars and you can get Joseph's coat of many colors rather quickly.. Hope to see you in a couple of months.
I never seen any spotted F1 Angus X Holstein crosses or F1 Fleckvieh X Angus crosses...they have small or no chrome.
M5, How did that brown/white calf turn out you had this spring? I had one really similar to him.. he was a milk thief from h3ll and had about 4 mommas
Mine at 5 months

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