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Feb 1, 2004
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horn lake,ms(north ms)
what age is it best to castrate your bull calfs. is the younger the better best or what. i got one 2 days old is that to young. and is the band the best method.
A lot of people castrate as newborns. I get them around three months when I work the whole herd. They are never too young, but can be too old.
Ellie May":3uayh7g9 said:
If I was you I would band them instead. Just my opinion though.
Ellie May

Ellie Mae
Where been girl. We were just commenting, a couple of days ago about, we miissed you. Good to have you back.
Oh well hi nice to talk to you again angus dude. Yeah I left I figured no one wanted me hear, but then I had to see what was new. So again hey nice to talk to yah. :)
Ellie May

P.S. I'll try not to talk so much, I know I've said that alot but I'll try this time.

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