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Dec 22, 2007
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SW Wisconsin
One of the advantages of rotational grazing is watching the sheer joy on the face of the cows when they hit the new grass, especially this near knee high clover mix. It's funny enough seeing yearlings and sometimes even 1400 lb cows jumping around like a rodeo bull when they first hit the grass.

The other day I opened up a fresh paddock area to the cows and calves. Well the cows jumped around a bit as they went around me then it was heads down and chow time.

But as I picked up the back fence I noticed the spring calves started running laps around the field in the tall grass and clover. After a couple laps I finally remembered I can take video on my camera so here's a bit of video of some of the spring calves running laps in the new paddock!


(I thought I'd experiment with this Youtube thing)

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