Calf Weighing Outfits

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Apr 28, 2007
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Well its almost that time again, mine are due in about a month. As some of you know, my cow and heifer are at my grandma and grandpa's house about 5 hours away. They're very healthy for their age, but its because of that age that I try to make them do as little as possible. Most times I am there atleast twice a month during the weekends and spend the summer there as well. I'm always there for vaccinations, weaning,etc. but one thing that I really can't be there is when they calve. So I'm always looking for ways to make that less amount of work on them. I was talking with them tonight about the whole calving situation and the weighing part came up as it usually does and so I went about surfing the web for better ways to handle it and came across this: ... ed6d0c78df . I like the part that its digital and there's not too much heavy lifting to be done. Moneys not really an issue. The only problem I see is if the calf is up and wanting to move around alot, so if they used this it'd have to be done during the calf's down time. Has anyone else used this? Any thoughts or comments? Thanks, Christian.
I use a home set up of a sling with handles on it that I hook onto the old time cotton weighing scales and attach that to the bale spear on my tractor. Lift them up, get a weight, release them. Of course you got to catch them first unless you are there right after calving.