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Jan 31, 2004
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South La
From the office of Lammar Alexander
> > Subject: Bush in church, Very interesting
> >
> > I'm at the 8:00am service at my church, St. John's Episcopal, at
> > Lafayette Square, across from the White House. (I wanted to go early
> > because I was going with Alice and Brent for breakfast at the Cracker
> > Barrel in Manassas.) Much of the service was uneventful--nice, but
> > uneventful--until it comes to the part of the service when the priest
> > says, "Greet one another in the name of the Lord." I turn to my right
> > to exchange the peace with my friend, Amy Fox Smythe, who was on the
> > other end of my pew. I then shake hands with the person in front of
> > me, and turn around to say hello to the person behind me. The person
> > behind me was our 43rd President George W. Bush. I am not kidding. A
> > small crowd was forming around him, and not wanting to delay the
> > church service or bother him by waiting to shake his hand, I turned
> > back around and sat down and talked to Amy. About 30 seconds later I
> > felt a hand on my left shoulder and turned around to see President
> > Bush with his hand extended. "Peace of the Lord, " he said and held my
> > hand with both of his. "Peace of the Lord," I replied, and held both
> > his hands and smiled at him. I turned back around and was remarkably
> > calm about the fact that the most powerful person in the world was
> > sitting two feet behind me. I could hear him flipping through his
> > bulletin as the priest made the announcements. I loved the idea of him
> > thinking, "Oh, there's a covered dish next Sunday." We perched and
> > when I stood up to go to the communion rail, he got up and walked down
> > the aisle behind me. We passed a little old lady who said, "Mr.
> > President, I pray for you every day." To which he said, "That's a very
> > special gift. Thank you so much." We got to the communion rail and
> > there were two spaces, one in front of us and one around the side of
> > the altar. We both surmised for ten seconds and then I started off
> > around the corner. He stopped me and whispered, "No, no. I'll go
> > around" and motioned for me to take the closer spot. The only
> > exception made in the entire service was that the President was
> > allowed to leave first and then the rest of the congregation followed.
> >
> > With all sincerity, and partisanship aside I tell you: This is a
> > special man! There is a peace and a Godliness about him. It radiates
> > from him. It is the only reason that I was able to remain calm. It was
> > more than the adrenaline I've felt when I've met other famous people.
> > A goodness flows through this man. He has more than my vote in
> > November. He has my respect, my prayers, and my gratitude. Whatever
> > your political affiliation, and whether or not you agree with his
> > decisions, you should take comfort in the fact that--despite recent
> > press attacks--this is a man of integrity who makes decisions because
> > he believes they are RIGHT, not popular. He makes these decisions with
> > a heavy heart and through prayer

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