Bigfoot spotted in Colorado?

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So apparently bigfeets have human faces and wear sunglasses?
I seen one of them big hairy rascals walking down the street in town a few times, wife was in truck with me but never was looking in the right direction then came face to face with him in the grocery store once. My wife had went back to another aisle and missed seeing him, funny how that sort of thing always happens🤔😂
Bubba sure is a long way from Honobia

I think someone partook of to much of that wacky tabaccy .
There's a lot more bi-pedal huge wolves (called dogman), circa 1895 first seen....than there are bigfoots....dogman population is exploding and may soon be listed and recognized & protected as a species in most of our lifetimes. Unless, ....well, they do have the tendency to be more aggressive and confrontational....they are intelligent walking upright wolves that have already impacted logging businesses.