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Jun 3, 2009
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I am pretty new on here, only posted a few times. I have a question about a bull. We have a three year old black angus bull and thus far his calves have been great. I read in one of the articles on CT that a skinny young bull can have reduced fertility. We purchased him from a friend when he was weaned and for the first couple of years he was always pretty skinny and had a rough coat but after I did my worming last Spring he pretty quickly filled out really nice and his coat looks great. We put him in with our cows (5 at that time) when he was a yearling and 3 of them had calves and two others that we sold were also pregnant, the only one that didn't have a calf was a second calf heifer. The problem is that the three calves were born in March, May, and September. This year we have four cows and one of them had a calf in March (the heifer that was open the first year) and another just had one (even though she was with the bull beginning on June 1 of last year) and the other two have yet to calf (keep in mind one of them had a calf last September so would be late anyways. The year before we got this new bull (the last with our old red angus bull) all four cows calved within 3 weeks of each other so I am pretty sure the cows are just fine. Like I said I read that young skinny bulls can have reduced fertility and I think that is what was going on the first couple of years. My question is can a young bull that got off to a rough start make up for lost ground with better fertility as he gets older and fills out? So far all of his calves are in good shape and the yearlings are fattening up nicely. Looking forward to what you all have to say.


Depends, how thin or how bad of condition did he get in? If he was to poor to service 5 cows in time as they came in heat he was real bad. I think he would gain in fertility with the gain in health. But yeah, to know for sure get him semen tested.

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