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Dec 17, 2019
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N. Central boonies, Oklahoma
@kenny thomas you've inspired me....
Damn hippie!
I think I've mentioned this before, but THIS is the car I used to chase Rocket (my very first ever heifer, @400lbs)
We went about 5 miles thru corn fields, wheat fields and several pastures. Lost count of how many fences she went thru!

She finally tired out, and we tied her up with an old ratchet strap til my buddy showed up with a truck. Took 2 men to lift her big ol butt into the bed of the pickup.

Good Times.
Good Times!
And its a stick shift. Oh yeah
U got me to thinking. There's a guy north of me has a couple cars for sale. All projects. One was an auto-stick car too.
Those things are getting pretty rare. Ad is till up too!
The Hitler Handle is the sort of a horizontal rack on the pasenger side dash board above the glove box of old VW bugs. When the Volkswagon was originally designed it is said that Hitler took a test ride. With the short turning radius he got thrown around so he ordered put a handle here.

When I was in high school my girlfriend had a yellow Karmin Gia known as the Yolk. We would go on cross country highway trips and we noticed semi trucks cabs would stay beside us for some reason. Then somebody told us it is because we were 'seat covers'.
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