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We only load onto trucks here so am familiar with loading ramps. My preference is for the floor to be earth, it gives them a lot more confidence going up. Our Livestock carriers association have put out guidelines on loading ramps and their recommendation for the width is 800mm which translated for you people is 31.5 inches. The last one I built I made it this width and have changed my old one to that width and it does seem to be the sweet spot, big enough for heavy mature cows and not too wide for weaner calves to turn around easily.

The only reason I can see for all that steel for the ground load part of that chute is if you are really short of space for backing in.
I made one out of guardrail and the 4x6 galvanized I beams. Used white oak boards for ramp. Only two pictures I have in my phone. I think I had less than $500 in it and a couple days of work. Has got the job done. 2nd photo was in the process of building and it's braced up a lot more and put down 1x2's for cleats. I just pick it up with forks and put it in front of my load out.


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I wish I would have take a photo of that chute I load out of when I bring the cows back from the ranch. I load my cows out of the neighbors corrals, and they built a chute that is going to be there forever. The vertical post are like 8" pipe, I-beams under railroad ties for ramp. sides are all drill stem.
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