braford x charolais

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What do ya'll think about a braford bull on charolais heifers. I bought some bred ones for $600 a piece. I know they won't sell as good. But do ya'll think that it is a good cross.

Everybody has his or her own preferences (and prejudices) -- I'd much rather go the other way around, i.e. a Charolais bull on Braford COWS (not heifers). But $600 for bred Charolais heifers sounds plenty cheap. Just hope they become good momma's and milk adequately.
That may have sounded a bit flippant, though not meant to be. I'm from an area where it is very common to have Charolais bulls on Braford-type cows, but the needs of my environment are very different than yours. Do you know how the market you intend to sell your calves to likes that type of crossbred calf? I now notice that you are way up there in the north country (ggg) where it of course gets hot but not humid and "buggy", so you probably don't need any Brahman influence in your cows or bulls. How well do the "smokies" sell in your area --- better than calves that are 3/16 Brahman? I'd bet they do, so maybe a good growthy Angus bull would suit you well in the future.

It's none of my business, but I'm still curious as to how you managed to buy bred Charolais heifers that cheaply these days -- is there a story there?

I bought them from a good friend of mine who changed from cows to horses. They only sell a few dollars cheaper here but i have been selling black baldies and those sell good so I was a little bit negative about the $. i also said these were heifers but they are 2 year olds. This probably doesn't make any difference anyway.
the cross would be good, the tan and yellow calves sell good here in my area. the only concern is the milking ability of the heifers. it would keep the calves from reaching their full potential.

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