Bloodlines include SAV Bismarck, SAV Angus Valley, & SAV Perfection

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Jul 25, 2011
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NE Arkansas
Anyone using these bulls?

We use SAV heavily. Renoun, Resource, a few Bismark, Pedigree, etc... Going to try a little Bruiser this year for our heifers but leaning a lot towards Connealys too to introduce something else into our breeding. Pedigree has been a favorite amongst future bull prospects but I believe we culled really heavy this year (13 yearling bulls for our sale) and only one of them is Pedigree. Our top 50 before the next round of cuts had a large percentage of Pedigree. We have an Angus Valley in that lot of 13 too, along with a Renoun and Resource.

We own a SAV bull and I am shocked at how "true" to his EPD's, that his sons are.
I haven't seen very many Bismarks that I didn't like and they seem to really excel at feed conversion. I'm pretty picky but if I had to buy based on just pedigree that name pops out to me.
Bismarck has a reputation (and I have heard it from several different people) for siring some poor-footed cattle.

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