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Mar 10, 2017
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Handy cheap way to test pregnancy.

slick4591":wwowtbrv said:
Been using them for a few years now, only I use a syringe and transfer to the blood tube.

It only amounts to about 4 bucks a test. I use the vaccum. I hold the vaccum cup in my right hand with the needle coming out the bottom of my grip. When I see blood on the needle, I push the tube in with my thumb.
I sometimes use the same test but just takes it to the Gold Standard lab at Bowling Green. It is a reasonable price and you can tell if they`re bred earlier in the pregnancy.
Murray State lab here will test. Probably been doing it for years, and I just didn't know. Sure is convenient. I traditionally only do it to heifers that ain't showing by the end of March.
Gold Standard is no longer in business. But there is DLT just up the road from Bowling Green in Smiths Grove, KY. Good folks.
I had 3 hold over heifers from the cows that calved last spring. They are now rolled to fall. They were 14 months old in May. I bred all 3 to AI bulls using natural heats.

I have confirmed all three bred. I used the BioPRYN tubes. I had one tube that I had trouble with. I may have lost the vacuum. What amazed me was how small a sample they can run. Bigfoot had a picture of a small sample. Like his, I got my confirmed bred based on only the bottom of the tube being covered.
I have been doing this also for several years. I have gotten pretty good at doing it but sometimes there will be one or two cows that I can not get any blood from.

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